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Experts Criticize Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for Alleged Misuse of Royal Titles

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, under scrutiny for leveraging their royal status for financial benefit, face backlash from experts for allegedly reneging on a promise to Queen Elizabeth regarding the use of their royal titles.

Critics have labeled the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as ‘money-grabbers’ following the launch of a new website featuring their royal titles and coat of arms.

Their previous website, Archewell.com, now directs to ‘Sussex.com’, consistently referring to them by their official royal titles. This move has drawn criticism from various quarters, including royal experts and economists.

In an interview with GB News, Angela Levin asserted that Meghan and Harry had purportedly assured Queen Elizabeth they would refrain from using their royal titles for financial gain.

A royal author expressed outrage at the couple’s actions, accusing them of breaking a promise to the Queen in pursuit of maximizing their financial gains.

The relaunch of Meghan and Harry’s website, prominently featuring their regal titles – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – has further fueled accusations of exploiting their royal status for monetary purposes.

Despite stepping back from royal duties in 2020, the couple retained their Duke and Duchess titles, albeit without the style of His/Her Royal Highness (HRH).

Critics argue that Meghan and Harry desire the prestige associated with their royal titles without fulfilling the accompanying responsibilities.

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