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Did Prince Harry Lie About The Claim Prince Charles Financially Cut Him Off?

Prince Harry has claimed in the past that his father, Prince Charles, financially cut him off. Now, a report from one outlet asserted that the Duke of Sussex lied about the allegation he made against the Prince of Wales.

In the most recent edition of Globe, the publication claimed that Prince Harry may have been lying he was financially cut off by Prince Charles. The outlet cited an unnamed source to allegedly prove that the Duke of Sussex isn’t telling the truth.

The insider said that the Prince of Wales allocated $6.25 million for his two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, in 2020. These digits allegedly came from an audit of Clarence House, and the latter received a substantial sum of that total.

Allegedly, this revelation was major evidence that Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, lied about their previous claims. The Sussexes have said before that the Duke was forced to live off his inheritance from his late mother, Princess Diana, after moving to the United States.

Per the report, Prince Charles didn’t cut off his youngest son and he’s supported him financially even after he moved to California. Reportedly, the Prince of Wales has been there for them even though the couple insisted that they’re working to be more financially independent.

Indeed, it looks like the two are moving forward with their goals as they’ve previously closed deals with Spotify and Netflix. Still, the tabloid keeps on insisting that Prince Harry and Markle were forced to find another way to earn their own money.

The narrative ended with the claim that Prince Charles was upset that the Sussexes didn’t tell the truth since he’s been sincerely aiding them financially. The source concluded that the Prince of Wales came to a point and realized that “enough was enough.”

It’s true that Prince Charles financially supporting his youngest son until the summer of 2020. However, Prince Harry and Markle didn’t disclose the specific timeline when they were cut off. In addition, this report was published a few weeks ago and there’s nothing new in the claim.

Earlier this 2021, Oprah Winfrey exclusively interviewed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, where they made a series of claims against the Royal Family. At the time, the couple was already financially independent for several months.

“The Duke’s comments during the Oprah interview were in reference to the first quarter of the fiscal reporting period in the UK, which starts annually in April. This is the same date that the ‘transitional year’ of the Sandringham agreement began and is aligned with the timeline that Clarence House referenced,” the Sussexes spokesperson said.

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