Prince Harry Faces Meghan’s Wrath Over ‘Carelessness’ Amid Evidence Destruction Allegations, Royal Source Claims

Prince Harry, already panicking over allegations of evidence destruction, is reportedly getting an earful from his wife Meghan Markle for his “carelessness,” a royal source claims. According to New Idea, sources report, “The panic in Montecito is real and Harry’s been getting an earful over his carelessness, not just from Meghan either.”

The Duke of Sussex is suing NGN over accusations of unlawful activities by its journalists and private investigators. Last month, he faced allegations of “deliberately destroying” evidence in the ongoing bombshell court case. Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s lawyer argued that the NGN group was engaging in a “classic fishing expedition” by seeking documents they should have sought much sooner for a trial scheduled in January.

“He’s beginning to seriously regret going ahead with this case. He’s not used to lawsuits and keeping records – he has no idea about any of these things.” The insider added, “He worries if they are, any chance of him and Meghan redeeming themselves in the public eye – especially if there are attacks on Kate in there – would be non-existent.”

The situation has reportedly caused significant stress within the Sussex household. Meghan’s frustration with Harry’s handling of the case has added to the mounting pressure. The source stated, “Harry’s been getting an earful over his carelessness, not just from Meghan either,” indicating that other close associates are also expressing their concerns.

As the January trial approaches, the stakes are high for Prince Harry. The outcome of the case could have significant implications for his ongoing battles with the British press. His legal team remains steadfast, dismissing NGN’s document demands as untimely and indicative of desperation.

The allegations against Prince Harry have intensified the scrutiny of his legal strategies and personal conduct. Meghan’s reported displeasure highlights the internal and external pressures the Duke faces as he navigates this high-stakes legal battle.

With the trial date looming, all eyes will be on how Prince Harry manages the allegations and the impact they may have on his public image and personal life. As the case unfolds, the royal couple’s ability to weather the storm together will undoubtedly be tested.

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