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Prince Harry Embraces American Life, Formally Declares U.S. Residency

In a significant move reflecting his deepening ties to the United States, Prince Harry has formally declared himself a resident of the U.S., distancing himself further from his royal roots in Britain. This formal acknowledgment came through a corporate filing by Travalyst Ltd, a sustainable tourism company predominantly owned by Prince Harry, which stated that he is now “usually resident” in America.

The filing, submitted to Companies House in the UK—a regulatory body for company registrations—on Monday, underscores Harry’s shift away from his life as a senior royal, reported by The Guardian.

Prince Harry, who is fifth in line to the British throne and the son of King Charles III, has made headlines over the past few years not just for his departure from royal duties but also for his criticisms of the royal family. His allegations of unconscious racism within the royal establishment were notably featured in a Netflix series and further discussed in his explosive autobiography, “Spare.” This move to the U.S. follows four years after he and his wife, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, settled in Southern California’s affluent Montecito area, where they live with their two young children.

Despite retaining his title as one of the king’s counselors of state—a role that involves stepping in for the monarch during his absence or illness—the U.K. Parliament was informed in 2022 that, “in practice,” this duty is expected to be fulfilled only by active members of the royal family. This arrangement further reflects the practical implications of Harry’s decreased participation in royal duties and his physical distance from the UK.

Harry’s decision to base his life in the U.S. has not been without controversy. The Heritage Foundation, a conservative U.S. think tank, has raised questions regarding the legality of Harry’s residency status, spurred by his past admissions of drug use documented in “Spare.” The think tank has sought judicial intervention to obtain the prince’s immigration records from the Department of Homeland Security, arguing that Harry may have received preferential treatment.

This transition to a U.S. resident not only marks a new chapter for Harry and his family but also represents a significant cultural and professional pivot as he continues to promote global awareness of sustainable tourism through his initiatives. This latest development invites a new era for Prince Harry, one that is decidedly more American in its outlook and distance from his royal past.

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