Prince Charles Vs Prince Harry

Prince Harry bashed for ‘hurting’ Prince Charles: ‘Don’t lash out at your father’

Prince Harry has been called out by experts for his decision to call out his father’s parenting tactics and alleged shortcomings as a parent.

The claim has been brought forward by royal commentator Marlene Koenig who was quoted telling the Daily Star, “We don’t know if there’s been any backchat, any private messages things like that but, with Harry saying his father said, ‘it’s going to be the same for you’ and then Harry thinking ‘I don’t want this for my child’.”

“You don’t lash out at your father, you understand you can make the situation different. What William is doing is changing within the confines of the royal family.”

She concluded by saying, “Charles and Diana were far more hands-on parents than their parents were. It changes and now William and Catherine are much more hands-on than Charles and Diana were so there’s this moving anyway so I think it was unfair of Harry to say that knowing his upbringing was different from his parents.”

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