Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle accused of betraying late Queen

Angela Levin, a noted royal commentator, has expressed strong disapproval of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent endeavors, particularly their decision to launch a new website named Sussex, which they describe as a comprehensive platform for their various initiatives.

Levin’s critique centers around what she perceives as the couple’s attempt to leverage their royal titles for personal gain, a move she believes contradicts the commitments they made during their departure from the royal family.

In an interview with The Sun, Levin voiced her concerns, suggesting that the couple’s actions would have deeply upset the late Queen Elizabeth II. She highlighted the Sandringham Summit Agreement, which was intended to delineate the boundaries of Harry and Meghan’s use of their royal titles following their exit from royal duties. According to Levin, the couple’s current actions breach this agreement, as they seemingly capitalize on their royal heritage, which they have publicly critiqued in the past.

Levin’s criticism extends to the timing and manner of Harry and Meghan’s re-engagement with their royal connections. She finds it contradictory that, four years after their high-profile exit from the royal family—a decision underscored by a desire for independence and a break from royal constraints—the couple now appears to re-embrace their royal identity through initiatives like Sussex and the establishment of an ‘Office’ for Prince Harry and Meghan.

The royal expert also touched upon the couple’s previous venture, SussexRoyal, which they were compelled to abandon due to regulatory and public scrutiny. Levin views the new Sussex as a strategic maneuver to circumvent the limitations previously imposed on their use of the ‘Sussex Royal brand.

Levin’s commentary reflects broader debates surrounding Harry and Meghan’s post-royal life, particularly regarding how they navigate their public roles and commercial ventures about their royal heritage. This ongoing discourse highlights the complex dynamics at play as the couple seeks to carve out a new identity that respects their past while embracing their future aspirations.

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