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Prince Harry and Meghan Branded ‘FRAUDS’ Over CONTROVERSIAL Plans for Archie and Lilibet

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have recently come under fire for their reported plans to enroll their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, in some of the most prestigious and expensive schools in Montecito, California. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were criticized for their perceived “elitism” and called “frauds” by royal commentator Lee Cohen, who questioned their commitment to equality and social justice.

Harry and Meghan, who have long advocated for progressive causes and social equality, were reportedly seen visiting a private school in Montecito, where annual tuition fees can reach up to £40,000. This has sparked controversy, as critics argue that their actions contradict their public statements on equality and access to education.

In an interview with GBN America, Cohen expressed his frustration, stating, “It’s infuriating how they, the self-proclaimed champions of equality and social justice, are even contemplating enrolling their children in an exclusive, outrageously expensive school. Their supposed commitment to progressive causes is nothing but a facade. If they’re willing to indulge in this epitome of elitism, there is no advocating for equality. Yet they’re willing to pay staggering tens of thousands per year for their children’s education.”

Cohen further elaborated on his criticism, pointing out the disparity between the couple’s actions and the struggles of many families. “How can they possibly justify this when so many families struggle to afford even the basic necessities? Sending their children to such a prestigious institution completely exposes the frauds that Harry and Meghan are. By perpetuating the very systems of privilege that they claim to oppose, they undermine their credibility.”

This criticism comes as the couple continues to navigate their post-royal lives in the United States. Harry and Meghan have been vocal about their desire to raise their children in a more private and supportive environment, away from the intense scrutiny of the British media and royal protocols. However, their recent actions have led to accusations of hypocrisy, as they appear to embrace the very elitism they have spoken out against.

Despite the backlash, Harry and Meghan remain focused on their various philanthropic efforts and public appearances. They have continued to use their platform to advocate for mental health, gender equality, and social justice. However, the debate over their children’s education highlights the ongoing challenges they face in aligning their public persona with their personal choices.

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