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Shock footage! Prince Harry records royal family

Planning to get a product worth a $200 million Netflix deal, Harry and Meghan are being fortified to make a skimpy documentary about the royals. Nowadays, palace insiders tell New Idea that Prince Harry may have renowned secret videos while his time back in the UK to disclose Princess Diana’s statue, to use the footage in the project.

During a London visit, Harry, 36, spotted holding an iPhone in a car as he left a royal appointment in Kew Gardens. Onlookers stated that it seemed as though he was copying himself or photographers.

“There have been rumored Harry and Meghan are planning on making a documentary about royal life, so it would make sense if he was filming or recording on his trips home ‘for research purposes,” the insider claimed.

At the start of this year, royal author Angela Levin implicit that Harry and Meghan, 39, certainly had somewhat up their sleeve. In May amidst in an interview, A British host Mike Graham said, “I thought after the Oprah interview that there wasn’t much more he could do.

“He spilled his guts, they have given everything they have got to give, but he just keeps going on and on and on”.  “There is a lot more!” Angela sharply responded. “I think there is another documentary in the making where they will have taken films of various rooms and maybe even of various conversations.

“I think it will be yet another nail in the coffin of his relationship with his father and his brother. They can’t trust him anymore.” As per an insider, an “unofficial warning” went about to key staff and members of the family to be very cautious about what they say in Harry’s attendance.

“Relations are at such a low that anything could be said out of anger, and it would then be open for them to splash it across their next TV interview,” the source speaks, who maintains the couple is currently being pushed by Netflix to “cough up something incredible” to earn their keep with the streaming giant, newidea stated.

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