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Green Button Recognizes GOTS as Sustainable Textile Certification Under Its Updated Standards

Germany’s pioneering sustainable textile label, the Green Button, has now included the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in its list of recognized certifications. Launched in September 2019, the Green Button sets stringent environmental and social criteria for labeling textiles and has recently introduced its 2.0 version, which places additional focus on the sustainable sourcing of raw materials.

Under Green Button 2.0, products must use only approved fibers and materials and demonstrate sustainable production practices. Certifications like GOTS, which meet the credibility criteria set by the German federal government, are accepted as evidence of meeting these stringent requirements across the supply chain.

GOTS, a well-respected certification label for organic textiles, has passed the benchmarking process and is now accepted for manufacturing and wet processes under Green Button 2.0. Additionally, it covers the use of plant-based and animal fibers and man-made fibers in a specific proportion in the final product.

Currently, 16 established certifications, including Bluesign Product, Cotton Made in Africa (CmiA), and various Oeko-Tex standards, are recognized by the Green Button. However, some certifications, particularly those related to animal-derived materials, have faced criticism from animal welfare organizations for potential loopholes.

To be eligible for the Green Button label, companies must prove compliance with recognized certifications across all stages of production: fiber and material use, wet processes, and manufacturing. This is in addition to meeting corporate due diligence processes verified through a Green Button audit.

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