Dior and Rapper IDK Team Up Dress No Label Academy Scholars
Photo: villa88

Dior and Rapper IDK Team Up to Dress No Label Academy Scholars

High fashion meets hip-hop as Dior partners with Jason Mills, popularly known as IDK, to provide an exclusive wardrobe for twenty-five students from the groundbreaking No Label Academy.

This educational endeavor, orchestrated by No Label in association with IDK, operates at both the Harvard School of Engineering and the Harvard Museum of Arts, reflecting a fresh approach to music education.

The project transcends mere fashion. IDK articulates that this collaboration symbolizes the presence and potential of marginalized communities in prestigious spaces, like Harvard and other Ivy League institutions. By introducing these uniforms, the goal is to challenge and eventually dissolve the sociocultural barriers faced by people of color in high-tier education environments.

The wardrobe, resulting from a creative amalgamation of Kim Jones’ design brilliance and IDK’s artistic essence, evokes both heritage and contemporaneity. Utilizing classic Harvard shades – rich burgundy and deep navy blue – the collection embraces a collegiate style.

From plush sweatshirts and premium Sea Island cotton tees to tailored chinos and Dior Explorer moccasins adorned with signature motifs, every piece echoes the fusion of Dior’s sophistication with IDK’s urban flair, as highlighted in LVMH’s press release.

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