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King Charles Finds Prince Harry’s Criticism of Queen Camilla ‘Unforgivable’

King Charles III reportedly considers Prince Harry’s harsh criticism of Queen Camilla “unforgivable,” according to royal expert Christopher Andersen. This sentiment, Andersen suggests, has left the Duke of Sussex increasingly isolated from his family.

In an interview with Fox News, Andersen stated, “I think people have to realize that the one thing that Charles finds unforgivable is criticism of Camilla. There’s no criticism of Camilla.” He added, “And unfortunately for Harry… Harry said some pretty devastating things about her. He made it clear that he felt she was… the villain in the piece.”

These comments follow the release of Prince Harry’s explosive memoir, “Spare,” in early 2023. The book contained numerous revelations about the royal family, including sharp criticism of his stepmother, Queen Camilla. In the memoir, Harry branded Camilla as “dangerous” and “the villain,” claiming she leaked stories about the royal family to the media to maintain her image and boost her popularity.

Harry wrote, “I have complex feelings about gaining a step-parent who I thought had recently sacrificed me on her personal P.R. altar.” He even likened meeting Camilla to an “injection,” writing, “Close your eyes and you won’t even feel it.”

These revelations have reportedly left a deep scar on the royal family, particularly King Charles. Despite attempts by Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, to initiate peace talks, their efforts have fallen on deaf ears. Andersen stated, “I think that still bothers the king, and I don’t know that it will be easy for him to [forgive]. I don’t think they’ll ever forgive Harry for that,” concluding, “[He’s] on his own.”

The situation is further complicated by previous reports suggesting that Harry “can’t stand” his stepmother, a sentiment that has allegedly persisted for years. Royal reporter Kinsey Schofield commented in March, “I think the fact that Queen Camilla is seen as leading the family is significant proof that Prince Harry would not return to temporarily support the family because Camilla’s elevated position is likely something not sitting well with him right now.”

King Charles has reportedly asked Harry to stop “leaking” personal details about the royal family’s private life, indicating the monarch’s growing frustration with his youngest son’s public revelations. This request comes as the relationship between Harry and his father and stepmother appears to be deteriorating further.

Amid this familial turmoil, there are signs that Harry and Meghan are attempting to mend fences with other members of the royal family. Reports suggest that the couple reached out to their sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, ahead of her Trooping the Colour appearance last week, potentially indicating a desire to maintain some familial connections.

As the royal rift continues to unfold in the public eye, the focus on Harry’s relationship with Queen Camilla highlights the complex dynamics at play within the British monarchy. The ongoing tension between personal loyalty and public duty, as well as the struggle to balance family relationships with royal responsibilities, continues to shape the narrative surrounding the House of Windsor.

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