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Brawl on Ryanair Flight to Tenerife Leads to Woman Suffering Nose Injury

During a Ryanair flight from Bristol to Tenerife on Monday, a commotion erupted, resulting in a woman sustaining a bloodied nose. The chaos of the incident was captured in a video, which shows two women on the plane’s floor amidst the sound of other passengers screaming and shouting.

The footage begins with the injured woman standing up, appearing agitated, and shouting while pointing down the plane’s aisle, though it’s unclear to whom she is gesturing. She then draws attention to her nose injury, exclaiming, “No, look at it,” while another woman’s voice is heard in the background denying responsibility, told The Sun.

The injured woman continues to point and accuses someone up the aisle of causing her injury, linking it to an offensive remark made during the altercation. Amid the confusion, she also expresses concern about her phone being on the floor before the video ends.

Following the landing of the flight in Tenerife, Ryanair confirmed that the police were contacted due to the disruptive incident. A Ryanair spokesperson stated, “The crew on this flight from Bristol to Tenerife (November 27) called ahead for police assistance when a passenger became disruptive in flight. The aircraft was met by local police upon arrival at Tenerife Airport and this individual passenger was removed. This is now a matter for local police.”

This incident is not an isolated one on Ryanair flights, as there was a previous occurrence of a major brawl between passengers on a flight returning from Malaga, during which punches were thrown.

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