Beauty Salon Owner's Tearful Ordeal with Handbag Zip
(Image: Kayla Robinson)

Beauty Salon Owner’s Tearful Ordeal with Handbag Zip Entangled in Her Nose in Bizarre Mishap

A beauty salon owner, Kayla Robinson, faced an unusual and painful mishap when the zip of her handbag got stuck through her nose during a freak accident. The 41-year-old, owner of Slay Beauty Rooms in Winlaton near Newcastle, was lifting her crossbody bag over her head when the zip became lodged under her right nostril, resulting in bleeding and considerable pain.

Kayla had been planning to take her three French Bulldogs for a walk when the incident occurred while she was trying to get the dogs into the car. Initially thinking the bag was caught on her nose piercing, she and her cousin, Jade Skollin, realized it was attached to her nostril.

Despite the bizarre and painful situation, Kayla’s sense of humor prevailed. She tried to remove the bag with metal cutters at home before seeking help at a walk-in center, where staff and patients were left stunned by the unusual predicament. Medics eventually cut the bag off, leaving only the zip slider attached to her nose, ChronicleLive reports.

Despite the pain and swelling, Kayla, who shared the incident on TikTok, now finds humor in the situation. She jokingly refers to herself as the “bag lady” and mentions that her daily life is filled with such disasters. River Island, after noticing her TikTok post, reached out to offer her a new bag and a voucher.

Kayla’s ability to find the funny side of the incident has turned her unexpected and bizarre experience into a source of amusement for those around her.


Pary 3 of getting a River Island cross body bag stuck to your nose … trying to cut the zip off #freakacciddent #riverisland #fyp

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