7 Beauty Must Dos for the Quintessential Corporate Woman

As a jet setting woman executive on top, you may feel that you have achieved it all by breaking those sales records or leaving your male colleagues far behind. However, it is not enough to just be a pro at daily PowerPoint presentations or a whiz at meeting client deadlines. A very significant part of every high flying corporate woman’s job is also to look good and feel good.

Looking good moreover is no longer a complicated task that requires hours and hours of time and effort. With just a few minutes on the weekend or everyday just after your shower, you can look every bit the diva that your non-working girlfriends do.

In fact it is soon becoming an absolute must for every quintessential corporate woman to spend a little time in grooming herself. Simple things like looking after skin and hair could go a long way in creating an everlasting positive impression.

This article lists out 7 beauty must do’s that every working woman, however busy must indulge in.


Overworked women often reach a certain stage where stress gets the better of them. One of the worst recipients of damage due to stress is facial skin. A facial massage and steam appointment at the local salon every 45 days is your best bet to take care of unwanted stress that shows on the skin. Most salons custom make facial procedures that will involve a suitable cream or pack massage, steam and some other applications that will leave your skin rejuvenated and fresh, prepping you for the next big meeting or event.

  • Manicure and Pedicure

Imagine your first handshake with a prospective client or potential business partner. Chipped nail paint, rough palms, dangling dead skin from nail cuticles will not only be an eyesore but will probably also give the impression that you are laidback, not particular about maintaining yourself and probably even incapable of managing tasks.

On the contrary, a well-manicured hand, or beautifully treated toes, peeking out of your classy sandals will automatically portray that you are hands on, particular and well-kempt, thus also giving the impression that you are good at time management and responsible.

  • Haircut and Blow dry

Nobody likes hair flying all over the place. Men will particularly get irritated if you have long bushy hair that is all over the workplace. While the shabby look maybe in while socializing, when at work make sure your hair is trimmed and set in place. Get a blow dry every few days, it will stay neat and look extremely stylish as well.

  • Body Moisturizing

Scaled skin, particularly dry hands are unpleasant to look at and touch. Even for you, dryness and itching can cause distraction while working. Schedule regular body massage appointments or invest in a good quality body lotion brand and make sure to use on a regular or even daily basis. Also keep a small bottle of face and body lotion handy in office.

  • Teeth Whitening

With all the coffee you drink through the day, there is bound to be some discoloration of teeth and yellow teeth are a big turn off! Visit your dentist every 3 months and get your teeth whitened. It is a harmless, extremely effective cosmetic procedure that will go a long way in keeping your teeth looking beautiful and also in creating that perfect deal clinching smile.

  • Hair Removal

Do not get inspired by your male colleagues and let the unwanted hair grow out of control. Clean hair free bodies and faces are the biggest sign of feminism that will immensely help in making you look presentable and attractive. Removing body hair is extremely crucial to a woman’s grooming. Imagine attending a meeting filled with men with unruly beards and moustaches that haven’t been shaved for months. Would that not put you off and take them less seriously as well?

  • Make-up

One of the most essential beauty must do’s is to use make up to subtly highlight your most beautiful features. Steer away from gory or loud shades and stick to basic things like kohl, eye liner, gloss and a peachy or pink blush for the day. If meeting with associates or clients in the evening for drinks and dinner, make sure to apply fresh make-up and go a little bolder but not too flamboyant. Remember, it may be a dinner but it’s not a party, it’s still a work meeting.

While it is completely understandable that as a woman working full time, it is almost impossible to find time to do anything other than the usual, it is also an absolute necessity to make time and follow a basic beauty ritual to stay pretty, happy and glowing.

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