5 Vitamins to Treat Acne

From mild to severe cases, acne is an inflammatory skin condition that causes much stress, both physical and mental. Studies have proved that various vitamin intakes can reduce the effect of acne problems. As vitamins and minerals are strong antioxidants, they help in removing waste from the skin, especially from the acne area.

To get the necessary vitamins and minerals naturally, one has to eat nutritious food. And if it does not happen, one has to substitute it with necessary vitamin pills. Also bear in mind that eating too many of pills can have a negative impact on the body.

Check out 5 vitamins to fight acne problems.

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A, a strong antioxidant works well when it is properly absorbed by the body. The vitamin is crucial in repairing and maintaining the mucous membranes and flushing out of toxins. It fights against acne by bringing down the oil production and firming the protective tissue.

It is safe to take B-Carotene to direct Vitamin A, as too much of the pills can be dangerous. Naturally, Vitamin A is found in vegetables, fruits, whole milk, eggs, butter, fortified margarine, and oily saltwater fish.

2. Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is an important vitamin to treat acne. When taken with Vitamin A, the B2 Vitamin works best. It is essential for improving hair, nails, and skin. About 150-200 mg is safe per day broken into three doses. However, consult your doctor before you have it. Foods rich in Vitamin B2 include mushrooms, spinach, milk, nuts, and soybeans to name a few.

3. Vitamin B6

The water-soluble Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is a great cure for acne. But overdosage can also cause severe side effects. So before you take the pills, consult your doctor. An intake of 1.7-1.9mg a day of this vitamin is enough to prevent acne woes.

B6 helps in boosting the immune system, hence it can curb infections. It can also fight against skin bacteria resulting in blemishes. Foods rich in B6 include rice, wheat, dried herbs and spices, molasses, and garlic.

4. Vitamin C

Repairing tissue growth, enhancing immunity, guarding against infection, preventing fat accumulation, protecting cell damage are some of the main functions of Vitamin C in the body. No wonder it proves helpful in fighting against acne. A strong antioxidant, Vitamin C helps the production of collagen and flushes out toxins from the body.

You can choose pills with just Vitamin C dosage or along with other nutrients such as potassium, zinc, and calcium combination for healthy skin. Broccoli, tomatoes, oranges, lemon, kale, peaches, bell peppers are some of the rich sources of Vitamin C.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E fights free radicals in your body being a powerful antioxidant. The Vitamin also plays an important role as an anti-aging nutrient. A proper dosage of Vitamin E in the body will prevent acne outbreaks. Foods like olives, peanuts, greens, sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E.

It is always better to get vitamins from natural sources like foods. If you think you are not getting it naturally, consult your doctor for vitamin pills accordingly. Safe dosage will help you from any side effects from the vitamin pills too.

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