4 Wedding Dress Styles to Make You Look Incredible

A wedding is a special occasion in anyone’s life. Most women start planning for their wedding day in their teens. Even if they are not sure about the guy they want to end up with, they plan about the dress they want to wear and the flowers to the dress the bridesmaids would be wearing.

Of all the things the dress takes the center stage as every bride would love to look her best on her wedding day.

With all the planning that goes into it, one would expect everyone to look fabulous on their wedding day, but it does not happen all the time as some women end up wearing the wrong style or the wrong material that does nothing to flatter their shape.

An important thing to consider before you choose a wedding dress that would make you look incredible is to find something that would flatter your body. If you have the style right, you can experiment with the designs and the material.

  1. Fitted waistline and a plunging neckline

If you have broad shoulders and a bigger bust then you should go for a dress that has a fitted waistline and a plunging neck. This will take the attention away from your broad shoulders and will also make your bust look smaller.

If you keep it simple without any frills, then this style of dress would make you look just incredible on your wedding day.

  1. Column dress

If you have a straight body shape with no or fewer curves and are petite which is usually the case, you should go for a column dress that will accentuate your assets and will also make you look a little curvy. Do not go for a deep neckline when you do not have much to show for in that area.

  1. Mermaid style

This style best suits an hourglass figure. If your bust and hip are proportional and you are curvy, then this dress will make you look incredible, hugging you in all the right places and showing off your great body.

  1. The A line dress

This dress would look great on you if you have a pear-shaped body; when your hip is bigger than your waist. This is usually the simple, neat cut and is also classy. An A-line dress would complement your body shape and will make you look elegant and less curvy.

Instead of choosing a dress that looks good, choose and pick a dress that looks good on you. A lot of women want a dress that looked good on someone else. This is the wrong way to pick your wedding dress.

Remember that the other person would have spent a great deal of time on getting the right fit and dress. You should do the same and not just copy the style of someone else. Your wedding day is when you would be the princess and steal the spotlight, so pick a dress that would make you look incredible. – magforwomen

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