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Unexpected death of the 38-year-old bride-to-be, months before she marries her cherished fiancé

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Kirsten Martin, a 38-year-old woman, has succumbed to sepsis after spending the Christmas period in the hospital. Kirsten’s love story with her fiancé, Ant Johnston, began at work, evolving from a friendship formed during challenging times to a blossoming romance.

Having recently moved in together in Penwortham and getting engaged just two months prior, the couple had exciting plans for their future, including a wedding scheduled for November and an anticipated trip to Scotland. However, in mid-December, Kirsten’s health took a downturn with persistent stomach pains, prompting her to seek medical attention.

Admitted to Royal Preston Hospital throughout the Christmas season, Kirsten experienced both good and bad days, eventually being placed in an induced coma on Boxing Day. This marked the last time her fiancé, Ant, and her father, Allan, could communicate with her before she unexpectedly passed away on January 9, reported Lancs Live.

Ant shared that Kirsten had been grappling with abdominal issues, initially believed to be related to women’s health concerns. Concerned about her well-being, Ant took her to the hospital when her condition did not improve. Despite diligent monitoring by medical experts, the exact cause of her health deterioration remained elusive.

Kirsten’s health fluctuated dramatically, with doctors informing Ant and her family on January 2 that she likely wouldn’t survive beyond 48 hours. The sepsis, stemming from an infection, led to a critical lack of oxygen and organ failure, ultimately claiming Kirsten’s life.

In the aftermath of her passing, Kirsten’s family and friends are rallying to raise funds for her funeral expenses. A GoFundMe page has been established to support her celebration of life and provide assistance to her father, Allan, and fiancé, Ant, who had shared a relationship with Kirsten for just 18 months.

Ant reflected on their connection, saying, “We realized how similar we are… We had been talking way before we got into a relationship, just being ourselves.” The couple, with their dog Daphne, had eagerly anticipated their upcoming wedding and various holiday plans throughout the year.

Kirsten’s funeral is scheduled for Friday, February 2, at Preston Crematorium at 11:15 am, followed by a wake at the Brown Hare at approximately 12:30 pm. The family has requested no flowers at the funeral, and instead, donations can be made to the charity Mind. The sudden loss serves as a poignant reminder of life’s unpredictability and the profound impact of unforeseen health complications.

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